I’m not a great one for lying on the beach, soaking up the rays with a trashy novel; I tend to want to get in the water as soon as possible, and stay there for as long as possible. When I’m not in the water I soon get restless and feel the urge to grab my camera and go off exploring.

It was just such an occasion when I took these photos; it was my first trip to Barbados and my first time on Browne’s Beach, and it wasn’t long before I wandered up the beach and came across a boat being built.

The two gentlemen pictured were generous enough to pause their labours and indulge my questions about their work. After a friendly five minute chat, I returned to my sun lounger and rum punch, and they returned to their hard work.

Boat builders in Barbados.

Man working on steel boat hull.

Shipbuilding in Barbados.

Boat being built.

Boat builders taking a break.