Not missing the UK this weekend

Most of the weekend was spent playing and beach combing on the east coast.

On Saturday, after swimming lessons on Browne’s Beach, the three of us headed across the island to Bathsheba. I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be than the east coast of Barbados.

Then on Sunday we visited Bath beach with friends. There’s not too much seaweed at the moment, so we had fun jumping over some big waves.

It’s always fun seeing what amazing natural forms the Atlantic has washed ashore. I think the girls enjoyed the beach-combing more than the swimming!

My daughter and me on the east coast.
The east coast of Barbados
My daughter and me on the beach.
Bath beach in Barbados.
Bath beach, Barbados
Playing in the sand on Bath Beach.
Beach-combing finds in Barbados.
Playing on the beach.