Classic cars in Barbados

There are a surprising number of classic cars in Barbados (quite impressive considering the corrosive sea air and terrible roads), and we went along to one of the regular shows this weekend.

There were some beautiful cars on display, from as far back as the 1940s, but I must admit to getting most excited about seeing the cars of my childhood, from the late ’70s and early ’80s. The Capri, RS Escorts, and best of all, the Austin Allegro! I’ve not seen an Allegro for decades, and Barbados is the last place I would expect to find one.

The car shows are held fairly regularly, and worth keeping an eye out for if you fancy something a bit different away from the beach.

Austin Allegro
The mighty Austin Allegro

Classic car details.

Vanden Plas 4 Litre Princess Limosine, used as the State Car of Barbados 1965 until 1978
Red 1967 sports car.
A lovely 1967 Mark I Honda S800
1954 Ford Popular.
1954 Ford Popular
Mk 2 Ford Cortina
Wish I had a grey Cortina, whiplash aerial, racing trim…

Cortina badge.

Classic cars.

Classic MG.

Mk 4 Cortina and Rover.

Lotus steering wheel.
Probably not fitted with an airbag…

Ford Capri instruction manual.

Ford Escort detail.

Ford Capri detail.

Ford Capri detail.

Austin Allegro detail.

1950s Citroen Big 15.
1950s Citroen Big 15

Classic car show in Barbados.