Camera gear

Many of my photos were taken on an ageing Nikon D700 – which, no matter what wonderful future technology is to come, I am convinced is the ‘best’ camera I will ever own. The balance, build quality, layout, autofocus, high ISO performance, general image quality… lovely. After ten+ years, it’s still going strong, out-performing many newer cameras, and still feels like an extension of my brain/arm.

Most of the time my D700 is coupled with a Nikkor 24-70 f2.8, or sometimes a Tokina 100mm f2.8 macro (the latter being an absolute steal when it comes to price/quality).

Video cameras

Although I mainly use it for video, sometimes my Panasonic GH4 gets pressed into service for photos. Being a Micro 4/3 format camera, it’s never going to compete with my full-frame D700 for image quality, but it’s certainly way more portable than a Nikon full-frame with the 24-70 on.

The GH4’s tilt screen is fantastic; I do like the digital viewfinder, it’s definitely the way ahead, but not until they get rid of the lag. My biggest gripe with the GH4 is the lack of a built-in neutral density filter – the bright light of Barbados makes an ND filter essential.

Maybe the odd shot will crop up from a GoPro too, but that’ll be pretty obvious I guess!


Since December 2016 I’ve been the lucky owner of a Google Pixel phone. It’s hard to over-state how good the camera is on this little thing… excuse me if I drift off into hyperbole, but the image quality is truly stunning. I mean, just stunning. Maybe quality drops off a little when shooting into the sun, but when I compare it to the compacts and even DSLRs of a few years ago, it’s incredibly capable.


Mostly Lightroom. Very rarely Photoshop. No love lost for Adobe’s subscription model.