Barbados anole

If you spend any time in Barbados it won’t be long until you see the Barbados anole (Anolis extremus). They’re small lizards, mostly green, and can normally be found climbing up outside walls and fences. They were originally endemic to the island, but have found their way onto Bermuda and St Lucia. They tend to […]

Relocating turtle eggs

I took a little stroll along the beach after yesterday morning’s school run, and came across a couple of people from the Barbados Sea Turtle Project delicately relocating some turtle eggs to a safer location. It’s not an easy job, as there are an awful lot of eggs (sadly only about 1 in 1,000 hatchlings […]

Paddle boarding comp

Paddle boarding has become really popular in Barbados, and is offered at most of the popular beaches and hotels. Yesterday there were paddle boarding competitions held at the Barbados Cruising Club on Pebbles Beach.  Over the course of the morning there were races for juniors, families, women, men and elite. My paddle boarding skills aren’t […]

The smack of leather on willow

I’m not an especially big cricket fan, but I do enjoy watching the occasional match. I tend to think of cricket as a quintessentially English sporting pastime, the soundtrack to the traditional English summer if you will. However, once you experience cricket in the Caribbean, you realise just how perfectly suited to the climate, the […]