Alfred & Ada Salter

This post is started life on my previous blog, World of Badger, many moons ago. That website’s long gone, but I felt that that the comments left there about certain topics were really worth preserving. It’s funny how comments can be so much more illuminating than the original post! I hope anyone that commented is […]

Pride in London

I ventured along to my first ever Pride Parade last Saturday, and what a wonderful day it turned out to be. 2017 marks 50 years since Parliament first voted to partially legalise homosexuality in the UK (well, in England and Wales at least – I think the D.U.P. still want to keep Northern Ireland in […]

The Passing Winter

I’m in London at the moment, and finally found time to pop along to Tate Modern to visit the new Switch House extension, which opened last June. I got rather side-tracked by the bookshop when I first arrived, so didn’t have time to have a proper explore of the new galleries. However, the piece that […]

Barbados anole

If you spend any time in Barbados it won’t be long until you see the Barbados anole (Anolis extremus). They’re small lizards, mostly green, and can normally be found climbing up outside walls and fences. They were originally endemic to the island, but have found their way onto Bermuda and St Lucia. They tend to […]