Alfred & Ada Salter

This post is started life on my previous blog, World of Badger, many moons ago. That website’s long gone, but I felt that that the comments left there about certain topics were really worth preserving. It’s funny how comments can be so much more illuminating than the original post! I hope anyone that commented is […]

Pride in London

I ventured along to my first ever Pride Parade last Saturday, and what a wonderful day it turned out to be. 2017 marks 50 years since Parliament first voted to partially legalise homosexuality in the UK (well, in England and Wales at least – I think the D.U.P. still want to keep Northern Ireland in […]

The Passing Winter

I’m in London at the moment, and finally found time to pop along to Tate Modern to visit the new Switch House extension, which opened last June. I got rather side-tracked by the bookshop when I first arrived, so didn’t have time to have a proper explore of the new galleries. However, the piece that […]